My brother,

You were the last of seven.


We were to be paired.

You would be mine as I was to be yours.


But you were incomplete when

You left our mother’s womb.


Shy of a half chromosome

How I wish I had a spare.


I felt the universe had thrown you away

Into the river, so I leapt after you.


It was my duty as your sibling

And an honor as your pair to take good care of you.


Was it a joke when my mother named you Joseph?

You would never wear a coat of many colors.


You would be loved

Not envied and sold into slavery.


I was the one who had mystical dreams

Years before you were born I dreamed of you.


My elders had their pair

Who looked up to them and loved them.


I wanted my pair to do the same,

Because I would love them just the same.


Instead, fate would have us

Pitted against each other.


Like Romulus and Remus who were saved by the wolf

And raised to follow the Shepard.


The Shepard told us to pray

So you kept your hands clasped in prayer


You reminded me to pray

With your hands tightly clasped


On that fatal day

Your hands loosened


Mother screamed, “Jesus!”

And you gasped your list in His presence.


Like Romulus killed Remus,

I too killed you.


Betrayed by your own tongue

In your mouth and in the flesh.


They told me to never lay you down.

They taught me infant CPR.


You were blue and dying between my hands.

My mind was blank like my words


It was the last time I felt you.

It was the last time I would feel.


I would hug mother for the first time

When I saw you in white lying on your back.


She didn’t hug me back.

I wish you could come back.


If for nothing else, but

To have her stop blaming me.


We were her unwanted children

Even if she never said so, her indifference did.


Romulus killed Remus because of a hill.

I killed you because of my ignorance.


Romulus went on to build Rome.

I’m still reeling in the rubble.


The world will lack and stagnate

As I have lacked and stagnated.


Without my pair

It’s just not fair.


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