5 Ways to Support Veterans

CFCC Student Veterans

In a show of solidarity, Wilmington, NC Cape Fear Community College Student Veterans mustered to support less fortunate veterans in a softball tournament hosted by Phoenix Mission Veterans. Beverly Lowden, of Wilmington, NC, founded Phoenix Mission 23 years ago after serving the homeless for many years at her church. Lowden wanted to outreach on a larger scale and therefore established Phoenix Mission. The name Phoenix comes from the mythological bird that would be reborn from the ashes. Lowden’s mission is to support and encourage those rebirths by providing basic hygiene and, during the winter, clothing. Here are five ways to help your veterans:

1. Visit phoenixmissionveterans.com
Lowden’s website is fully loaded with outreach information and more fun raising events to include a Women Veteran’s retreat this fall.

2. Fill-A-Bag
Contact Phoenix for a backpack to fill or drop off hygiene items listed on Phoenix Mission’s website.

3. “Field of Honor”
Personalize an American made US flag with ribbon and name of honored recipient to be displayed on May 30th. 100% of proceeds will help homeless veterans.

4. Golf tournament
Saturday, May 14th the NC State Council of the Vietnam Veterans of America will host a golf tournament to benefit the education campaign for children of agent orange.

5. Spread the Word
Can’t donate time or money. Spread the Word and raise awareness for homeless veterans so others can help.

Phoenix Mission’s latest event was a Marine/Army softball tournament which raised over $700. 7 teams participated in the tournament including Active/Veteran Marines from Camp Lejeune and our very own CFCC Student Veterans. Some of the sponsors were Antonio’s Pizza, Wilmington Funeral & Cremation, Lower Cape Fear Hospice, Straightway Ministries, and NC State Council of The Vietnam Veterans of America.

Photos by Michael Evans (mpevans795@mail.cfcc.edu)


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