The Basics

People don’t pray before they eat anymore.

Instead, they take pictures of their food.


Their mantra is click not amen.

Singing psalms of “I post because I’m happy / I post because I’m free.”


A far cry from “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.”

Has worship always been this plastic?


Bright screens with smudged prints replace dog-eared pages and creased spines.

Thumbs bend to give praise to short vibrates and loud beeps,


while knees forget the sting of bone to skin to floor.

Their god answers quickly and therefore


Worship is constant

While pews are left wanting.


There’s a need to say more

But no words come to mind


As I have for gotten Mark, Luke, and John.

I have replaced them with thumbs, tweets, and snaps.


No need to dress up or leave my bed

I would say I have it made but


My temple warms my gun.

What is there to live for


Besides thumbs, tweets, and snaps?

I left God for a phone bill


To escape forgiving my rapists.

While I pay for my hate each month


On time and never late

I deteriorate


My God and

My god,


I keep breaking.


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