Ode to My Stomach

Oh stomach,


How dare you wince and wring

Like I swallowed a coiled spring


You unfaithful sack of stomach acid

You won’t hear me sing for an antacid


Why do you hate me so?

Is it my abuse of sloppy joes?


Or my frequent visits to skid row

I’m sure it hurts less to rodeo

You won’t let me have no other sorrow

Not even if I fall down Mt. Kilimanjaro


Do you think this will make me put down my bottle?

Pssh, You only make me dawdle


I’ll be at it tomorrow

Filling you like a grotto


Why must we squabble

Over a life in bobble


I can’t help but nosedive

Even over your noisy and painful pleas for me to live


The mind is over the stomach for a reason

Go ahead and shout, “High treason!”


It’s the drink that keeps me alive

Despite what you think; it allows me to thrive


I won’t live with their memory

Even if it means putting my life in jeopardy


I was hoodwinked

Now I want to be extinct


Don’t hold me down and make me endure

The way they held me down and made me endure


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